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Hello, nice to meet you

During a time where I have far too much time on my hands and a brain that all too often likes to work over time with it thoughts, I wondered what I could do to fill my head with more positivity and distract myself a little. I starting thinking, “what makes me happy”? It’s simple, going away on holiday with my husband and children, making fantastic memories and exploring new towns, countries and culture. I initially thought I could just post some pictures of some old travel memories on my private Instagram page, but they’ve seen it all before. I then began thinking, ‘Ive booked some bloody good trips in the past’. I mean I’ve booked some shitters (not that many I hasten to ad) but I’ve learned from those mistakes (probably). So I thought why not spread the love and advise on how and where to get these best deals and where IS the best city to go to. Is there a better time of year to travel? What are the best hotels? What about the flights? What days of the week should you travel? When should you book the flights? So on and so on. That night Ticket-e-boo was born.

Not for one minute did I think even 10 people would follow me but, I’m currently 7 days in and have 527 followers and for those early followers, I’m so greatful. It’s so nice to be recognised, isn’t it? Little old me sitting at home, sharing pictures of my past trips that have given me so many beautiful memories, and the people have cared to follow, comment or like so early on have helped immensely.

So a little about me. My name is Cally and I live in the UK, just outside of London. I live with my amazing husband of 3 years years and my 2 beautiful (but slightly feral) children, 5 and 1. My husband Steve and I have been together 11 years this years and boy have we had some adventures. From New York to Dubai to Italy to Greece and many more in between. Hopefully many many more to come too, just a little more child friendly now. Now I should be saying more child friendly and less alcohol dependant but c‘mon, that alcohol factor plays a huge part in family holidays now...... thank the lord for all inclusive.

Ticket-e-boo was created to show the world from my viewpoint and to try and advise and help as many people as I can explore the destinations I have. I want to help with the best hotels, flights and so much more. I’ve become addicted to finding the best ‘package’ for our adventures over the years and can guarantee I’ve looked into trip advisor and trivago more than I have any other account I’ve ever had. I’ve scoured the internet day and night looking for hotels at the best price, finding out when flight schedules will be released and street viewing so many areas I could definitely be classed as a stalker.

In the coming months you can look to see my photos from past trips, with hotel recommendations and the time of year we went along. I’ll also divulge on what activities we took part in (other than competing on who could drink the most wine and beer in a week). An amazing activity by the way guys, holiday or otherwise. I will detail upcoming trips, where I found the deal, what hotels looked like winners and what days and what time of year seemed good value for money. I’ve always been complemented on our holiday snaps so thought I could help fellow travellers with cost effective trips. This is a major factor during our booking process. All of our trips easily like like they’re very expensive but we are always so smart and savvy and this is so easy to do when you know what to look for and where to look for it.

So in the run up to my first blog, I’ve shared some photos from my most treasured trip.....New York. I honestly feel like I could write for days when it comes to New York. We only stayed 5 days but my lord, were those days jam packed with sightseeing and more. If you’re a lover of a walk, this is the city for you. You just can’t stop. As cliche as it sounds, it really is the city that never sleeps. Which would explain the 2.00am McDonalds we had in Times Square on our first night. Anyway, more of that trip soon, I just wanted to welcome you to the new website. My new instagram, is active and up and running so I’m ready to put my travel knowledge and know how into action. I’m fully aware these blogs take time to get off the ground, so if your reading this im truly greatful to each and everyone of you for having an interest.

Hello, nice to meet you

Until next time

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