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New York top 5 memorable moments

I know, I know … how could I possibly chose just 5? Such a hard task! But these top 5 for me, were the most memorable and sereal moments from my trip those many years ago. Where children were the furtherest thought from our minds and adventure (and a lot of alcohol) was the only thing that consumed us. So here’s a little teaser for you while the first full blog is finalised.

5. Grand Central Terminal

It is totally how it looks and feels in the movies. One of those moments, where you absolutely could have stepped into the TV, and it would have felt exactly the same as it did when you were watching it. The hustle and bustle and the magnificent architecture is something to remember forever.

4. Top of the Rock

Alot of people and sites had suggested visiting the Empire State Building over this particular tourist attraction and to be honest, I was all for the ESB. BUT im so lucky my husband Steve insisted on Top of the Rock. It was the MOST unreal place to view the whole of New York, all the way downtown with the beautiful Statue of Liberty clear for all to see. It’s was so impressive we visited here twice in during our stay. The Top of the Rock absolutely blew the Empire State Building out of the water. More to follow on that point in the full blog.

3. Ground zero

I’ll save most of my thoughts on this moment for the blog but this was a surreal, emotional moment which I will never forget.

2. Hudson River boat trip

We booked a Hudson River boat trip before we left London. I remember walking to the pier to start the journey and recall how uneasy I felt about the location. There was absolutely no reason feel that way, just a less touristy park of NYC. To be honest I contemplated turning around and heading back to Times Square, but I carried on hoping for the best. WOW, what an evening it was. Sailing around the Statue of Liberty, along the Hudson, under the Brooklyn bridge just as the sun was setting with wine in hand was magical. The boat owner also told a magnificent story of the boats past voyage which you will have to wait to hear 😉

1. Helicopter ride over the city

Again we so nearly missed the opportunity to do this but an absolute once in a lifetime moment. The views, the adrenaline the magic! An indescribable moment and one to definitely NOT pass on the opportunity to enjoy.

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Loren Stares
Loren Stares
Apr 26, 2020


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